The Queensland Government’s Minister for Main Roads has admitted in Parliament that he does ‘not recall’ if the Palasczuk Government intends to deliver on much needed upgrades for  Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

Asked the question in Parliament today by State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan, Minister Mark Bailey replied that he did not recall the specific road Mr McEachan was referring to. 

“I made it my first priority to write to the Minister back in February asking him to respectfully consider the LNPs commitment to improving Cleveland Redland Bay Road,” Mr McEachan said.

“In March I followed up this letter with his office, and in the last sitting week spoke about the road in my adjournment speech, yet here we are in June and the Minister claims he ‘can’t recall’ it?

“Is the Minister across his portfolio or does he need a hand?”

Mr McEachan said the Minister should be familiar with Cleveland Redland Bay Road considering he would have travelled along it in April while visiting the electorate. 

“The Minister has had this correspondence for four months, has visited the electorate and still hasn’t extended the courtesy to discuss the Government’s plans for Cleveland Redland Bay Road. 

“Minister Bailey’s less than impressive response clearly outlines the government’s plans to reduce traffic congestion on our vital local roads. There are none.”

Member for Cleveland, Dr Mark Robinson said he had campaigned for the upgrade of Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd since 2009 after the previous Labor Government left the job only partly done.

Both Mr McEachan and Dr Robinson call on the Palaszczuk Government to allocate funding in the July Budget to complete the road upgrade.

[ENDS] 2 June 2015