State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan is welcoming Labor Government support to change smoke legislation.

Yesterday the LNP Opposition introduced a bill amending current legislation to seek a staged transition to mandatory photoelectric smoke alarms in all Queensland homes.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are superior to the current models.

Mr McEachan said there had been too many near-misses in Redlands and there should be no shortcuts when it came to fire safety.

“While Labor focuses on how to find the easiest way to bully themselves into work places the LNP is busy concentrating on saving lives.

“The introduction of this amendment will prevent tragedies and keep residents safer in their homes.”

Tidbold Real Estate's Dave Tidbold welcomed the LNP’s initiative, saying that there is not enough awareness to the importance of maintaining a functioning smoke alarm.

"While we have never had issues with faulty smoke alarms due to compulsory and regular checks, we do come across many owner occupied properties we list for sale that have malfunctioning smoke alarms or battery operated alarms with a flat battery, or no battery at all.

"An effective fire alarm can minimise the damage created to the property and save lives."

Mr Tidbold called for further controls surrounding cost effectiveness and quality control to be legislated to ensure there would no repeat of the Rudd Labor Government's Home Insulation program which affected thousands of property owners and led to the deaths of four people.