• Labor set to slug struggling Queenslanders with another hike in car registration costs to cover their hopeless financial management
  • Premier Palaszczuk and Pitt refuse to use their power to freeze car rego costs

  • LNP guarantees family car rego wouldn’t rise more than inflation for first term

    State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan has slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government for refusing to help local families by freezing car registration costs.

    Instead, Mr McEachan said Redlands residents would be slugged with registration price hikes two times the rate of inflation.

    “The Palaszczuk Labor Government has once again shown its total fiscal incompetence with their plans to push car registration costs even higher,” Mr McEachan said.

    “Redlands and Queensland residents are just pawns in Labor’s revenue-raising game, regardless of Premier Palaszczuk’s election promise to help battling families.”

    The registration price hike will cost Redlands families with a four cylinder car approximately $350 or more, not including compulsory third party insurance (CTP) per year.

    Victoria Point mother Dayna Ogden said she was disappointed that the Queensland Government was ignoring the needs of families.

    "The cost-of-living just keeps increasing and now we’re going to have to pay more just to keep our cars on the road,” Mrs Ogden said.

    “Most families have two or more household cars and along with all of the other bills, I think this will hit really hard. It makes me wonder what else we will have to cut back on.”

    Mr McEachan said the LNP froze car registration costs for the three years in government and guaranteed that registration for the family car would not rise by more than the inflation rate during the first term of an LNP government.

    “It’s a shame Premier Palaszczuk’s Labor Government hasn’t made the same commitment to families,” he said.

    [ENDS] 23 May 2016