Member for Redlands Matt McEachan has questioned the Palaszczuk Labor Government about the sale of the Mount Cotton Driver Training Centre in Parliament this week.

Mr McEachan asked the Minister for Main Roads, Mark Bailey, if funds raised from the sale of the Mount Cotton Driver Training Centre would be reinvested in Redlands roads.

“Instead of answering my question, Minister Bailey defended the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s decision to sell off this important local asset, despite promising at the last State election that there would be no sale of Queensland’s assets.

“I quote Minister Bailey: we will do the normal things that Government’s do in terms of assets: we will buy and sell them, as we do every week, every month...”

“Not only is Minister Bailey admitting they sell off assets without consulting voters, he is also admitting that the Government blatantly lied to get into power.”

Mr McEachan said he was not surprised at the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s complete disregard for the people of Queensland and Redlands.

“Remember, this is the same Minister who admitted he had no idea where Cleveland Redland Bay Road was. I doubt he even knows the existence of the Mount Cotton Driver Training Centre, or in fact Mount Cotton Road.

“I questioned him then, and I question him now: is the Minister across his portfolio or does he need a hand?”

Ill keep fighting to make sure the Palaszczuk Labor Government doesn’t rip Redlanders off and deny us of vital road infrastructure upgrades.

[ENDS] 26 May 2016