• Redlands misses out in 2016-17 Palaszczuk Labor Government Budget
  • No funding for Cleveland Redland Bay Road

  • No funding for extra hospital beds at Redland Hospital or for a new school in southern Redlands

    State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s 2016-17 Budget, which has seen no funding for the Redlands electorate.

    Last week, Mr. McEachan had called on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to fund key road infrastructure.

    “There is little to no difference to last year’s budget, except that Queensland is in even more debt,” Mr. McEachan said.

    “Redlands has once again missed out on much needed funding for infrastructure, roads, our local hospital and schools.

    “Through their legacy of economic mismanagement Labor is further driving Queensland towards a credit downgrade and is spending nothing to improve our ageing Redlands infrastructure and roads.

    Mr. McEachan had called on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to match the LNP’s commitment to upgrade Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

    “Cleveland Redland Bay Road is in an appalling state and Redlanders are sick and tired of being ignored by this Palaszczuk Labor Government.

    “This Government is willing to sell Redlands assets like the Mt Cotton Driver Training Centre but is refusing to invest in improving our local roads.

    “This Palaszczuk Labor Government had the opportunity to invest in our Redlands roads rather than using the funds from this sale to fill their budget black hole,” Mr. McEachan said.

    Mr. McEachan called for funding towards key Redlands roads including -

  • Safety upgrades to the Anita Street intersection

  • Dual laning of Cleveland Redland Bay Road

  • Intersection improvement along Cleveland Redland Bay Road

  • Upgrades to Mt Cotton Road to improve congestion and safety

    [ENDS] 14 June 2016

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