• Palaszczuk Labor Government released the SEQ Fare Review on 12 June 2016
  • Southern Moreton Bay Islands is now classified under zone 5, mainland Redland City is under zone 3

  • SMBI public transport users will receive the smallest savings of just 0.43 cents per trip

    Member for Redlands Matt McEachan said that Southern Moreton Bay Island residents had been dudded in the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s SEQ public transport fare review.

    Mr. McEachan said the new zoning system had put SMBI public transport users in zone 5, compared to zone 3 for mainland Redlanders.

    “The Islands have been put in the same zone as Kawana on the Sunshine Coast,” Mr. McEachan said.

    “It’s hard to fathom the reasoning for this especially given the Islands are just 40 km from the Brisbane CBD, whereas Kawana is 82 km from the Brisbane CBD.

    Mr. McEachan called on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to reconsider the zoning, in line with the zoning for mainland Redland City.

    “I’m fighting for Islanders to be treated equally to the rest of Redland City and I urge the Palaszczuk Labor Government to stop treating Islanders like second class citizens,” Mr. McEachan said.

    “It’s the smallest saving for the community that needs it the most and it’s the only community in Queensland that relies almost completely on public transport.”

    Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads Andrew Powell, supported Mr. McEachan’s call for more reasonable zoning for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

    “I will work with Matt to fight for a better outcome for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands,” Mr. Powell said.

    Redland City Council Mayor Karen Williams supported Mr McEachan’s push for Southern Moreton Bay Islanders to get a fair go.

    “While this SEQ Fare Review is a step in the right direction, the Redland City Council believes that Islanders who rely absolutely on public transport should be treated like other Redlanders and afforded the same fare discounts,” Mayor Williams said.

    Mr. McEachan urged Southern Moreton Bay Islanders to have their say on the fare review by contacting his office – redlands@parliament.qld.gov.au or call 3446 0100.

    [ENDS] 14 June 2016