•    LNP releases plan to return Labor’s lost jobs and Get Redlands Working
  •   LNP’s plan will create up to 20,000 jobs across Queensland

  •   Plan includes apprenticeship boost, small business grants and an employment bonus

    for employers

    An LNP jobs plan will see young Redlanders in jobs, encourage apprentices to finish their training and incentivise employers to train and retain workers.

    Member for Redlands, Matt McEachan said the plan provides strong incentives for businesses to train and retain young workers, which will be a major boost to employment in Redlands.

    “The LNP’s plan will provide local businesses with support to recruit young Redlanders, encourage them to take on apprentices to help them finish their training and provide a boost to employers to cover workers compensation premiums,” Mr McEachan said.

    “Our plan gives young apprentices and tradies in Redlands that vital first ‘leg up’, and will also encourage more apprentices to complete their training and get into the workforce.

    “It will also include support for up to 20,000 Queensland tradies over four years by contributing $500 towards new tools for apprentices upon completion of their training.”

    “We understand the costs young tradies in Redlands face when they start work, but we’re committed to easing the burden on our young workers.”

    Redlands tradie Lance Morris said he supported any program which helped young people take up a trade and find a job.

    “I remember how hard it was when I first started my apprenticeship, that’s why I like the sound of the LNP’s jobs plan, especially Tools for Tradies,” he said.

    Shadow Employment Minister Jarrod Bleijie said the LNP’s plan to Get Queensland Working would include targeted support for small businesses and workers that led to jobs and opportunities for young Queenslanders.

    “The LNP has a strong track record of providing pathways to jobs for young Queenslanders, but we recognise more needs to be done to Get Queensland Working,” Mr Bleijie said.

    “Labor is all talk and no action when it comes to jobs - it promised to create jobs for Queensland, but its failure to do so has seen 21,300 more young Queenslanders out of work since January 2015.

    “In stark contrast, the former LNP government increased funding for vocational education and training and empowered industry so we were training our young people for the high-quality jobs the economy needed.”

The LNP’s Plan to Get Queensland Working

1. Queensland Apprenticeship Boost

Providing a $5000 incentive for Queensland businesses who take on a new apprentice from beginning to end. This boost will provide up to 10,000 new apprentices over 4 years.

2. Tools for Tradies

$500 voucher for tradies who complete their apprenticeship to get the tools they need to get working. This will provide tools to 20,000 tradies over 4 years to help them get ahead.

3. Start Work Incentive

$4000 grants over 12 months to assist small businesses with recruitment and start-up costs for eligible young Queenslanders (15-24) who are unemployed and not enrolled in full-time education or training. This will provide businesses incentives to employ up to 10,000 young Queenslanders over 4 years.

4. Employment Bonus

Thanks to the stewardship of the LNP, WorkCover Queensland is in a strong financial position. A bonus to encourage businesses who employ eligible participants under the Apprenticeship Boost and Job Start Incentive will be provided to further encourage businesses to train and retain young Queenslanders. After 12 months of continuous employment of each eligible participant, employers will have that workers’ wages excluded as part of the next year’s premium calculation.

[ENDS] 16 June 2016