•  Palaszczuk Labor Government needs to tell residents if they will upgrade Cleveland Redland Bay Road
  •   Roads Minister Mark Bailey confirmed interest in Councils market led proposal to fix the road

  •   Still no solution confirmed
    State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan is calling on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to

    clarify their position on fixing Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

    This comes after local Labor MP Don Brown seemed confused on the Governments position, telling residents it was a priority road, and then not worth a mention, then describing it as a pipe dream.

    Mr McEachan said he was concerned the Palaszczuk Labor Government didn’t seem to know its plans for the major State road, despite Roads Minister Mark Bailey welcoming financial support for the upgrade by Redland City Council.

    Redlanders deserve better, Labor has dudded the whole of Redlands,Mr McEachan said.

    Redlands, a city of approximately 150,000 residents gets an insultingly small $31.4 million over four years in the budget snapshot. Its an utter disgrace,he said.

    I am in full support of Mayor Karen Williams proposal to loan the Palaszczuk Labor Government $100 million to fix the notorious stretch of road,Mr McEachan said.

    Minister Bailey needs to let residents know if the Redland City Councils market led proposal is seriously being considered as he said it is, or is it just a pipedream as Labors Member for Capalaba has now suggested.

    Labor hasn’t committed any new money for any road in Redland City in last week’s Budget. Only the LNP has committed to upgrading Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

    The Palaszczuk Labor Government has been handed an innovative solution to fix Cleveland Redland Bay Road, they just need to stop playing political games and deliver a solution.

    Redlanders dont care who fixes the roads they just want it done.

    [ENDS] 20 June 2016