State Member backs Mayor's funding commitment - Media Release

State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan MP has welcomed Mayor Karen Williams’ innovative solution to fix one of our most congested local roads.

Mayor Williams recently announced Council funding and support to fast track the upgrade of Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

Mr McEachan said he would support any proposal to one of the worst roads in Redlands.

“I’ve been fighting for upgrades to Cleveland Redland Bay Road since I was elected,” Mr McEachan said.

“So far the Palaszczuk Labor Government has ignored the needs of Redlanders because they clearly have no plan to pay for the roads we need right across Queensland.”

Mayor Williams’ unique funding proposal is strongly supported by local Councillors Julie Talty and Mark Edwards and has received in principal support from the LNP Opposition including Shadow Minister for Main Roads, Fiona Simpson MP.

Mr McEachan called on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to support any proposal to fix congested local roads.

“Given the Palaszczuk Government has no plan to fix our roads, I ask them to strongly consider this unique proposal by Mayor Williams.

“It’s time all levels of government worked together to give Redlanders safe and reliable local roads.” Mr McEachan said.

[ENDS] 14 March 2016



Labor goes soft on criminals - Media Release

State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan has accused the Palaszczuk Labor Government of being frozen at the wheel, questioning why they have gone quiet on their review of the LNP’s criminal gang legislation. 

Despite a 10 per cent reduction in crime in the first year of the LNP-introduced laws, Queensland’s Attorney General Yvette D’Ath has admitted that Labor will either replace or repeal the legislation.

Mr McEachan said he could not fathom why Labor would go soft on criminals.

“Redland residents are continually asking me why Labor would consider scrapping the criminal gang legislation.

“It has come down to Labor simply getting rid of anything the previous government did, regardless of cost to the community.

“Labor’s Premier Palaszczuk is more interested in protecting her own job than protecting Queenslanders.

“The LNP listened to Queenslanders and had the courage to stand up to criminal gangs and say enough is enough. 

“Labor can’t even let the public know how they plan to tackle criminal gangs and manage crime.”

On 15 August, 2015 Police Commissioner Ian Stewart told 612 ABC Steve Austin’s program:

 “I have been on the public record as saying I think that they were a good thing,” he said.

“We’ve had amazing success over the last few years; those laws have certainly had an impact.”

Labor’s Royal Commission into the legislation is costing Queensland taxpayers $6 million.

[ENDS] 10 March 2016



Member calls for common sense in protecting our community - Media Release

State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan continues to back Mt Cotton and Sheldon locals in their push to form a Rural Fire Brigade.
In a speech to Parliament this week Mr. McEachan called on the Labor State Government to support the community’s efforts to protect themselves against bushfire risk and stop cow towing to the Unions.
Mr. McEachan slammed the United Firefighters Union for disrespecting the will of locals. The union thinks this a turf war and are at odds with the community over forming the Rural Fire Brigade. The United Fire Fighters Union has form, recently the UFU tried to stop volunteer firefighters from being eligible for the same compensation for cancers as urban firefighters. The Victorian arm of the union also banned its members from participating in a post-traumatic disorder trial, simply because volunteer firefighters were involved.
Mr. McEachan said that he hoped Minister Byrne would not allow union bullying to override common sense in backing community calls for a Rural Fire Brigade in the area.
“Mt Cotton and Sheldon are considered very high bush fire risk and each week of delay by Labor puts the community at more risk."
Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland, General Manager, Justin Choveaux supported Mr. McEachan’s calls for cooperation.
“Over 93% of Queensland is defended by volunteer firefighters who are members of their local Rural Fire Brigade. In the Mt Cotton/Sheldon area, a Rural Fire Brigade would allow for a greater community defence capacity by increasing the response capability locally not only to fire response, but to cyclone and storm recovery,” said Mr. Choveaux. 
“A community based brigade will also assist landowners managing their land through the use of fire and reduce the risk of a major bushfire.
“Having a Rural Fire Brigade and Fire & Rescue station in an area is not a competition, it’s about complementing each other's skills to provide a safe community,” he said. 




Superior smoke alarms needed - Media Release

State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan is welcoming Labor Government support to change smoke legislation.

Yesterday the LNP Opposition introduced a bill amending current legislation to seek a staged transition to mandatory photoelectric smoke alarms in all Queensland homes.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are superior to the current models.

Mr McEachan said there had been too many near-misses in Redlands and there should be no shortcuts when it came to fire safety.

“While Labor focuses on how to find the easiest way to bully themselves into work places the LNP is busy concentrating on saving lives.

“The introduction of this amendment will prevent tragedies and keep residents safer in their homes.”

Tidbold Real Estate's Dave Tidbold welcomed the LNP’s initiative, saying that there is not enough awareness to the importance of maintaining a functioning smoke alarm.

"While we have never had issues with faulty smoke alarms due to compulsory and regular checks, we do come across many owner occupied properties we list for sale that have malfunctioning smoke alarms or battery operated alarms with a flat battery, or no battery at all.

"An effective fire alarm can minimise the damage created to the property and save lives."

Mr Tidbold called for further controls surrounding cost effectiveness and quality control to be legislated to ensure there would no repeat of the Rudd Labor Government's Home Insulation program which affected thousands of property owners and led to the deaths of four people.



More police wanted on SMBI - Media Release


More police wanted on SMBI - Media Release

Bay Island residents have called for an increased police presence on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) at a Law and Order forum held on Russell Island recently.

More than 200 SMBI residents attended the forum, organised by State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan and Cr Mark Edwards. Queensland Police, Brisbane Bayside Crime Stoppers and Redland City Council were also in attendance.

Mr McEachan said the forum enabled residents to have their say on crime, which was one of the top issues identified on the Bay Islands in his electorate- wide survey last year.

“Residents are worried about crime and the level of support their local police are receiving on the Islands,” Mr McEachan said.

“While residents expressed their appreciation with the work done by current officers, they want more resourcing for additional police officers. In particular, they made the comparison between the Bay Islands and North Stradbroke Island who have six full-time officers for less residents.”

Brisbane Bayside Crime Stoppers Chairman Paul Fitzpatrick reiterated to residents the role of Crime Stoppers, and how reporting anonymously to their line, or to Police Link, can reduce the pressure on police officers.

Residents on the SMBI and mainland can further have their say on law and order issues affecting their local community via a new Law and Order survey which can be accessed via




Get Giving this Christmas - Media Release


Get Giving this Christmas - Media Release

Member for Redlands Matt McEachan is encouraging residents to dig deep and help put a smile on the faces of those less fortunate this Christmas.

Mr McEachan has teamed up with five charities as part of his Redlands Guide to Giving.

“Christmas is just around the corner, and while it is a time of joy and indulgence for many, for others it is a reminder of how hard times are.

I want everyone in Redlands to dig deep and help make this year’s Christmas merry for everyone. It’s as simple as purchase, wrap and deliver,” Mr McEachan said.

The five charities involved are the Bayside Salvation Army, GIVIT, Foodbank, Kids in Care Christmas Appeal and the Redlands Animal Shelter.

Mr McEachan encouraged everyone to keep an eye out in their letter box for further details about the Redlands Guide to Giving.

Those wanting to donate either food, gifts or toy items can do so by dropping them off to Matt’s electorate office at Victoria Point Shop H20, Upstairs in the cinema building, Lakeside.




Redlanders recognised for outstanding achievements - Media Release


Redlanders recognised for outstanding achievements - Media Release


More outstanding community members have been recognised in the latest round of Member for Redlands Matt McEachan’s Recognise Redlands initiative.

Three exceptional student athletes and dedicated community volunteers were the deserving recipients of a $250 bursary at a special presentation this morning/afternoon. 

The Russell Island first responders were recognised for their tireless commitment towards the good of their small Island community.  

“First responders play an invaluable role in our local Island communities. I am honoured to be recognising this group of amazing volunteers,” Mr McEachan said.

Another selfless volunteer and mother of four, Sandy Dixon, was also acknowledged for her commitment to The Cage Youth Foundation. Sandy is a qualified Counsellor who offers her services to the Cage community initiative without ever asking for anything in return.

A $250 bursary will help school-aged athlete Luke Harvey continue to excel in his passion for triathlon. Luke, who only participated in his first triathlon in 2012, is now the 2015 14-15 year Male Series Winner of the Triathlon Queensland State Series. The all-rounder is also a keen cross country, athletic and swimming champion.

The bursary will also help Redland Bay athletes Jamie Howell and Shekinah Friske with their international sporting achievements.

Shekinah will be travelling to Barcelona with the Australian futsal team in November, while Jamie continues to excel with her athletic abilities. 

The Macleay Island Inspirational Writers’ Group will use their $250 bursary to help stage a free Writers on the Shore event, which will engage all Island and mainland community groups.

 “I am thrilled to honour these outstanding Redlanders for their achievements and wish them all the best in their respective areas,” Mr McEachan said.

 Initiated this year by State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan, the awards recognise Redlanders who are excelling in sports, academia or community service.

The next round of Recognise Redlands will open in 2016.





Redlands schools get grilling! - Media Release


Redlands schools get grilling! - Media Release


Fundraising efforts for schools in the Redlands electorate will get a much needed boost over the next few weeks thanks to State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan. 

Mr McEachan is donating 16 Weber Baby Qs to schools in his electorate as part of his new community ‘Get Grilling for your School’ initiative.  

“I’m excited to present schools with these prizes,” Mr McEachan said. 

“It gives them the tools to fundraise how they see fit, and creates a bit more excitement than giving a monetary donation,” Mr McEachan said. 

“Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide the best resources for school students through fundraising. 

“I encourage the wider community to support Get Grilling for their local school. You never know, yours could be the winning ticket!”

Redland Bay State School P&C President Paul Booker thanked Mr McEachan for his generous donation.  

“Matt has been involved with our P&C since his inception as a candidate and then our local Member and has provided us with some great practical and political support in that time.

“Even picking up a shovel and digging holes to help makeover our garden earlier in the year. This donation is yet another example of his service to our organisation and the wider community.

“We are hoping to use the Baby Q as a raffle prize leading up to Christmas, maybe at one of our presentation evenings to raise some additional funds for school projects in 2016.”




Education on the table for SMBI - MEDIA RELEASE


Education on the table for SMBI - MEDIA RELEASE

The LNP remains committed to the needs of Southern Moreton Bay Island (SMBI) schools following an education roundtable discussion on Russell Island this morning.

Shadow Minister for Education and Training Tim Mander hosted the discussion with local MP Matt McEachan. They met with Russell and Macleay Island principals, chaplains and local child care providers.

Mr Mander said the Government needed to address the inadequacies SMBI educators faced on a daily basis.

“We need to give our children the best start to life and our schools need to be equipped with the tools to do this.

“Unfortunately the geographical isolation of the Bay Islands has created a shortfall in support and resources for students and the teaching faculty,” Mr Mander said.

Mr McEachan said he called on the Government to designate Russell and Macleay Island state schools as remote, rather than regional schools.

“A change in classification would mean extra resources and extra funding.

“This would inevitably give parents and teachers access to the education and support systems they require to create healthier learning environments for the students.”




Letter to the Editor - Redland City Bulletin

04 August 2015

The saying goes, ‘a weekend well spent, brings a week of content’. I spent my weekend visiting the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, and it was brilliant. The Four Islands Festival was a fantastic showcase of an amazing location right on our doorstep. Meeting visitors from interstate and over seas, they were unanimous in their opinion of the local community and people. Collectively, they couldn’t understand or believe that anyone would be disparaging of them.

But we have all read or watched the negative stories about the Bay Islands. Yes, I acknowledge the issues the ‘Dropping of the Edge 2015’ reports highlights (BaysideBulletin, 29/07/15).

I don’t negate that these need addressing, but island residents are working hard to rid themselves of the stereotypes not of their own making, but from a legacy of buck passing and a ‘too hard basket’ mentality from all levels of government.

In my view this has created an unfair stigmatisation of the island locals. Great strides have been made in recent years in provision of services and I've seen more co-operation and effort to tackle issues than ever before. Of course there is much more to do and for my part I'll work hard to do my bit, but these issues should not define our Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

I have worked with Bay Island residents for many years, I have family connections there,indeed my Nana used to go to the dances on Russell Island in the 1930s! The one thing that is common amongst all the Bay Islands is a deep sense of community, this is manifest in the way people on the islands look out for each other, make visitors feel at home, and the sheer number of volunteers and organisations who give of their time, determined to make their community a better place to live.

The four Islands that make up the Southern Moreton Bay Island Group each have unique natural, cultural and community identities. It is displayed in the respect and reverence Islanders have of the islands natural values, their history and their cultural significance to the Quandamooka people. It is displayed in the way locals enjoy life on the islands with its vibrant art scene, environmental groups, sporting clubs and service organisations. At my numerous mobile offices and visits I have met many wonderful residents who are proud of their community and are working hard to dispel the negative connotations often associated with Island life.

Go and see and experience the islands for yourself, don't wait for next year’s Four Island Festival though, there is always something happening and there's so much to see and do, I reckon you'll be glad you did.




Infrastructure on the agenda in Redlands visit - MEDIA RELEASE

The LNP will keep fighting for Redlanders’ fair infrastructure share including vital road upgrades and addressing car parking congestion.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg visited key infrastructure priorities in Redlands with local MP Matt McEachan yesterday.

“I saw first-hand the frustration many locals feel trying to get a park at the Weinam Creek Ferry Terminal,” Mr Springborg said.

“It was good to visit the area and get a real understanding of what the community is putting up with.

“This area clearly needs to be redeveloped and car parking has reached its capacity.

“Redlands and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands continues to grow and we need to ensure there is adequate infrastructure to support the local community.”

Member for Redlands Matt McEachan said he was working closely with Redland City Council and Southern Moreton Bay Islanders to secure a real solution for the ferry terminal.

“I am looking forward to seeing the revised submission for the Weinam Creek redevelopment to ensure the best outcome for locals,” Mr McEachan said.

Mr McEachan said as part of the visit, the Opposition Leader and neighbouring Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson inspected the Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

“The LNP had a plan to deliver the much needed dual-laning along Cleveland Redland Bay Road and this Labor government should honour and deliver what was a fully-funded project,” Mr McEachan said.

Mr Springborg said that it was disappointing the Palaszczuk Government were happy to hike up registration fees but weren’t willing to invest in fixing congested roads such as Cleveland Redland Bay Road. 

[ENDS] 29 July 2015



Shadow Treasurer talks Budget in Redlands - MEDIA RELEASE

Labor’s smoke and mirrors budget was on the menu for discussion at the first small business breakfast with Shadow Treasurer and Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek in Redlands this morning.

Hosted by State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan MP, the breakfast brought together small business owners with the three levels of Government including Federal Member for Bowman Andrew Laming, State Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson and Councillor Julie Talty.

Mr Langbroek said he understood why small business owners were concerned with Labor’s budget, including their failure to increase the payroll tax threshold.

“Nothing in this budget builds economic confidence for local small business owners or residents,” he said.

“Saddling our energy companies with billions of dollars of government debt isn’t going to improve Queensland’s fiscal position.

“It’s just like using one credit card to another. The debt is still there and you still have to pay it back – with interest.”

Mr McEachan said the economy would keep suffering under Labor.

“Now they are raiding public servants’ long service leave and superannuation to pay for their election promises. Which, by the way, doesn’t include any infrastructure for Redlands.

Redlands missed out on vital road infrastructure upgrades to Cleveland Redland Bay Road after Labor failed to match the LNP’s funding commitment. 




Grassroots sports funding secured for Redlands clubs

Local sporting clubs in the Redlands will be able to share in thousands of dollars’ worth of government grants thanks to the LNPs hugely popular Get in the Game program, which will continue for another three years.

It’s a personal win for Member for Redlands Matt McEachan who committed to fighting for the program under the new government and wrote to the Minister earlier this year asking for its continuation with urgency.
“Here in Redlands we are bustling with activity every weekend, with kids engaging in just about every conceivable club sport. From Russell Island to Pinklands, Vicky Point to Redland Bay, Redlands families love their junior sport.

“The social dividend is hard to measure but locally, kids learn to trust each other; I know of schools reporting a reduction in bullying, parents see their children grow in confidence and self-reliance and there the health benefits too. We know how important this is.”

“For many the extra bit of financial help means the difference between kids playing a sport or nothing and for some clubs it means they face prospect of folding.

Russell Island Stingrays’ Christine McGlinn said she was relieved the Get in the Game program would continue to be funded.

“This will help our club immensely which helps the community and all the kids involved or wanting to be involved in sports.

“I am so pleased with Matt’s support of our club and sporting and recreation clubs in the Redlands.”

There are a range of grants eligible for sporting and active recreation organisations and for kids in sports. Visit<> or contact my office for more information.



Call for major roads funding ahead of Labor Budget - JOINT MEDIA RELEASE

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Call for major roads funding ahead of Labor Budget - JOINT MEDIA RELEASE


The community campaign to upgrade Cleveland Redland Bay Road continues to gain traction with a call by Shadow Minister for Main Roads Fiona Simpson and State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan for vital funding ahead of Labor’s State Budget next week.

The Shadow Minister visited the electorate to experience firsthand the congestion and traffic Redlanders face every day travelling along the road in peak times.

 “This is a critical piece of infrastructure and we want to see the Stave Government commit to a plan for its upgrade,” Ms Simpson said.

 “It’s a safety and congestion issue.”

Mr McEachan has spoken numerous times in Parliament about the need to upgrade Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

He said Labor’s Roads Minister Mark Bailey has made it clear that funding is reliant on the LNP agreeing to their proposed registration hikes.

“There is no doubt we have a fight on our hands to secure funding but I refuse to allow Redlanders to be held to ransom by the Labor Government.

 “I again ask Labor to match the LNPs commitment to fund the Cleveland Redland Bay Road upgrade in their Budget next week.

“Redlanders need and deserve this road upgrade. I appreciate the Shadow Minister taking the time to experience what residents have put up with for far too long.

“I again call on Labor’s Main Roads Minister to extend Redlanders the same courtesy.”



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Redlanders recognised for outstanding achievements - MEDIA RELEASE


Redlanders recognised for outstanding achievements - MEDIA RELEASE

A teenage swimming sensation, an internationally recognised academic achiever and two selfless community volunteers were the deserving recipients of the inaugural Recognise Redlands awards at a special presentation this morning.

Initiated this year by State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan, the awards recognise Redlanders who are excelling in sports, academia or community service.

A $250 bursary will help seventeen year-old swimmer Lauren Folster attend the Global Games in Ecuador, South America and the Pacific School Games in Adelaide. Lauren holds the Australian champion title for both the 50m and 100m backstroke.

It will also assist 12 year-old Leah Lever attend a Lyric Theatre Opera Workshop and the Conservatorium of Music’s State Honours Program during the year.

The youngest registered volunteer entertainer at Queensland Health’s metro south region, Leah regularly sings and entertains aged care residents and dementia patients. The rising star also volunteers her time to sing at charitable events all around the Redlands.

Tireless community volunteer Rob Spencer was also recognised for his dedication to the community. Mr Spencer was the inaugural committee member of the local National Seniors Branch, which has grown to over 120 members in 10 years. He was also pivotal to the growth of STAR Community Transport to an organisation with 16 vehicles, 40 volunteer vehicles, a client base of 3000 and 60000 trips a year.

Fourth year law student Madeleine Harling has been recognised for her outstanding academic results at university. The high achiever was honoured with selection in the Golden Key Society, a worldwide organisation dedicated to recognising academic excellence. 

“I congratulate all four outstanding Redlanders for their achievements,” Mr McEachan said.

“I am proud to have such a high calibre of individuals of all ages in my electorate, and wish them all the best in their respective areas.”

The final round of Recognise Redlands for 2015 will close on 15 September.

Applications can be submitted via



Island students adventure to QLD Museum - MEDIA RELEASE

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Island students adventure to QLD Museum - MEDIA RELEASE

Russell Island students and State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan had the time of their life at an excursion into the Queensland Museum this week.

Mr McEachan donated $500 to Russell Island State School to assist towards transport costs for the excursion, and couldn’t resist the invitation to join them.

“It was wonderful to see the amazement on the kid’s faces,” Mr McEachan said.

“The insect display was their favourite, especially the stick insects and giant burrowing cockroaches.

“It was a whole adventure and I won’t lie, I felt like a big kid when I was there!”

Mr McEachan said he would like to see more support from the community and transport services to assist Bay Island students facing challenges to get the same opportunities as kids living on the mainland.   

Mr McEachan also donated $500 to assist Macleay Island students with their future excursions.



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Redland Bay Blitzed - MEDIA RELEASE

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Redland Bay Blitzed - MEDIA RELEASE

Redland Bay State School is a step closer to getting much needed shade sails after a donation by State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan.

During the election Mr McEachan and a re-elected LNP government committed to funding the shade sails in their entirety.

“Unfortunately Labor did not make the same commitment,” he said.

“Redland Bay State School is now sourcing private funds for the much needed resource.”

Mr McEachan handed over the $2000 cheque to Redland Bay State School’s P&C president  Paul Booker at their latest initiative, the ‘School Yard Blitz’.

“I commend the P&C for developing a community-wide initiative to instil a sense of ‘community spirit’ and improve the appearance and safety of the school,” Mr McEachan said.

If any local businesses, church or volunteer group would like to get involved with the School Yard Blitz by way of donating funds or equipment please contact my office on 3446 0100.


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Minister hightails on roads - MEDIA RELEASE


Minister hightails on roads - MEDIA RELEASE

The Queensland Government’s Minister for Main Roads has admitted in Parliament that he does ‘not recall’ if the Palasczuk Government intends to deliver on much needed upgrades for  Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

Asked the question in Parliament today by State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan, Minister Mark Bailey replied that he did not recall the specific road Mr McEachan was referring to. 

“I made it my first priority to write to the Minister back in February asking him to respectfully consider the LNPs commitment to improving Cleveland Redland Bay Road,” Mr McEachan said.

“In March I followed up this letter with his office, and in the last sitting week spoke about the road in my adjournment speech, yet here we are in June and the Minister claims he ‘can’t recall’ it?

“Is the Minister across his portfolio or does he need a hand?”

Mr McEachan said the Minister should be familiar with Cleveland Redland Bay Road considering he would have travelled along it in April while visiting the electorate. 

“The Minister has had this correspondence for four months, has visited the electorate and still hasn’t extended the courtesy to discuss the Government’s plans for Cleveland Redland Bay Road. 

“Minister Bailey’s less than impressive response clearly outlines the government’s plans to reduce traffic congestion on our vital local roads. There are none.”

Member for Cleveland, Dr Mark Robinson said he had campaigned for the upgrade of Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd since 2009 after the previous Labor Government left the job only partly done.

Both Mr McEachan and Dr Robinson call on the Palaszczuk Government to allocate funding in the July Budget to complete the road upgrade.

[ENDS] 2 June 2015 



Local Member inspects road upgrade - MEDIA RELEASE

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Local Member inspects road upgrade - MEDIA RELEASE

State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan has welcomed progress on critical road works at the intersection of Mount Cotton Road and Double Jump Road.

 Mr McEachan said the interstation has long been a dangerous part of the road network in the Redlands.

 “The upgrade will provide a much safer road environment not just for locals but for visitors to the area.

 “It’s part of my ongoing commitment to ensure key infrastructure is delivered to meet the growing demands of the Redlands,” Mr McEachan said.  

 Mount Cotton resident Craig Luxton said the upgrade was a big relief for locals.  

“There are a lot of young families in this area and we all worry about driving along this particular part of the road.

 “I’m glad we have a local member who is committed to the safety and wellbeing of residents.”

 Mr McEachan continues to fight for the upgrade of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road from Magnolia Parade to Double Jump Road.

 [ENDS] 28 May 2015

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Shadow Health visits Redland Hospital - MEDIA RELEASE

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle and State Member for Redlands Matt McEachan have commended Redland Hospital staff and executives after a tour of the facilities this morning.

 The visit involved a tour to the Palliative care unit, birth suite and special care unit, as well as the Emergency Department and Specialist outpatient unit.

 Mr McEachan said the visit was to ensure the health needs of Redlanders were being met with the resources provided.

“Redlanders are extremely fortunate to have this facility at their doorstep rather than having to travel up to an hour to access healthcare.

“Redlands Hospital staff have earned their place as one of the top performers in their class in Australasia; an example of what can be achieved with dedicated health professionals.

Mr McArdle said the Redlands hospital was servicing a growing population.

“The current hospital configuration and its capacity for service needs to be re-assed to keep pace with the aging population and chronic diseases. The number of presentations at the emergency department need to be carefully considered in this re-assessment.”

Mr McArdle said the visit was timely as Parliament just this week supported the LNP’s Wait Time Guarantee policy.

“This policy ensures every patient is guaranteed their surgery within the clinically recommended time, yet the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government are refusing to listen to the needs of the public and commit to this policy,” said Mr McArdle. 

“While the Redland Hospital is faring well in terms of patient surgery and waitlist times, this is another way Redlanders can be sure they will receive their surgery on time.

 “They must respect the moral authority of Queensland's Parliament and ultimately the wishes of the public,” he said.

[ENDS] 22 May 2015