Mr McEACHAN (Redlands—LNP) (1.14 am): Tonight I rise to speak about the sale of the Mount Cotton Driver Training Centre. The sale is yet another example of Labor’s grasp on power, whatever the cost. Labor massages the truth to get elected, Labor manipulates to stay elected and Redlanders get sold down the river. I am calling on the Palaszczuk Labor government to use earnings from this sale to go towards improving road safety and relieving congestion.

Minister Bailey today and again tonight all but confirmed that the government intends to rip this money out of Redlands roads. The sale of this asset is not the whole story; it is the contempt with which the Palaszczuk Labor government treats the voting public. With one of the fastest growing electorates in Queensland, Redlanders could reasonably expect that some of the money derived from this sale would be reinvested in their local area. Our infrastructure is already 20 years behind, with Cleveland Redland Bay Road not the only example of local roads failing to cope with current traffic volume.

Redlands needs investment in roads, schools, public transport, car parking for the islanders and other infrastructure. I know that the members for Cleveland and Capalaba share that opinion. What have we seen from this Palaszczuk Labor government? We have a secretive agreement, no public tender process and no public scrutiny or consultation. Those opposite went to the last election with precious little else than a promise not to sell assets. They had no plan to fund the infrastructure Queenslanders need. Our infrastructure deficit is the result of decades of failed Labor governments.

The Labor governments of Beattie and Bligh left no infrastructure legacy, just more black holes, a Health payroll debacle and wholesale mismanagement of government assets—a legacy Queenslanders still live with today. Those opposite have no plan to pay for the roads and infrastructure Redlands needs. They are asleep at the wheel. They have shifted debt to government owned corporations, pilfered Public Service superannuation and long service leave, and now they are selling assets not to invest in Queensland but to cover their own economic mismanagement.

They sneak into Mount Cotton in the dead of the night, with their light-fingered proclivities, and sell Redlanders out. We cannot afford another four years of this Labor government. Queenslanders cannot afford it and Redlanders cannot afford it—and they do not deserve it. Once again, I call on the Premier to have an open and honest conversation with Redlanders. I call on them to engage with stakeholders already using the facility. Finally, I call on the Palaszczuk Labor government to listen to Redlanders and deliver the roads and infrastructure we need. It is not too late to turn this around. Invest in Redlands infrastructure and invest in roads. Be honest with voters.