Mr McEACHAN (RedlandsLNP) (6.52 pm): Tonight I rise to speak on a number of matters of importance to the Redlands electorate. Firstly, I want to address an ongoing issue of concern for not only Redlands residents but also all taxpayers, that is, the waste of taxpayer funds and the lack of transparency that has surrounded the purchase of prime real estate by the Department of Housing and Public Works. Thus far, Minister de Brenni has left my correspondence on the purchase of land at 1 Boat Street entirely unanswered. The land is expensive, at over $600,000 for 800 square metres, and is poorly located. It will take residents more than an hour by public transport to reach Redland Hospital and health services. With the scrapping of the Logan Renewal Initiative, the minister has already proven that he has no interest in providing more public housing for the many Queenslanders on waiting lists. The purchase of this expensive bayside land is yet another example of poor decision-making by this Palaszczuk Labor government.

I also want to draw the attention of the House to the plight faced by residents living near the Anita Street intersection at Redland Bay. Anita Street is one of the most dangerous intersections in Redlands. At the last election the LNP committed to the upgrade of that intersection and, since I was elected, I have been calling on Minister Bailey to see sense and commit to the upgrade. Constituents who have to run the gauntlet of the intersection contact my office almost daily. It is time that the Palaszczuk Labor government sat up and listened. Redlanders do not care who fixes this intersection; they just want it done.

In closing tonight, I wish to express my condolences and, in some way, honour the life of Erna Winnifred Lee, née Lyons. Erna was born on 3 March 1925 at the European hospital in Samarai in Papua. She grew up on Samarai, a tiny island on the China Strait. Ernas father was a magistrate for the eastern division of Papua. Erna was sent to Brisbane to attend boarding school and later attended business college. She was there when her mother was evacuated from Moresby on the Katoomba in 1941. Erna married Gary Lee on 15 September 1948. Gary passed away in 1976.

Erna was a long-time active member of the Liberal Party in Redlands and would hold meetings in her tiny workers cottage in Victoria Point. As I understand it, five people made an uncomfortable crowd in the confines. However, Erna was so sweet that members dared not suggest another location. One can imagine the remarkable times that Erna lived through. Erna Lee is survived by her children, Lenore, Slade and Sandi. I offer my condolences to them and her extended family and friends.